One of the Reasons Why I Love Being With Church Planters

“O God! Thou hast made us for Thyself and our souls are restless, searching, til they find their rest in Thee.” St. Augustine

Curt and I spent this past weekend with some great friends, Peter and Jennie, who have served the Lord in Southeast Asia for many years. We first met them as we were preparing to move overseas back in 2006 and they’ve been a huge encouragement to us ever since. We’re great friends, but more importantly, we’re family.

There is something about being with other “sent out ones” that makes them my very favorite kinds of people to spend time with. There is an indescribable instant bonding that happens in our hearts that doesn’t happen in the course of how traditional friendships typically develop. I have tried to explain this before and always seem to fall short. It really is supernatural when God yokes hearts together.

But, today I came across some notes I took after I read, “A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23” by Phillip Keller, and in doing so found a beautiful description of why I love being with Peter and Jennie so much.

“I have known some of the wealthiest men on this continent intimately – also leading scientists and professional people. Despite their dazzling outward show of success, despite their affluence and their prestige, they remained poor in Spirit, shriveled in soul and unhappy in life. They were joyless people held in the iron grip and heartless ownership of the wrong master. By way of contrast, I have numerous friends among relatively poor people, people who have known hardship, disaster, and who struggle to stay afloat financially. But because they belong to Christ, and have recognized Him as Lord and Master of their lives, their owner and manager, they are permeated by a deep, quiet, settled peace that is beautiful to behold. It is indeed a delight to visit some of these humble homes where men and women are rich in spirit, generous in heart, and large of soul. They radiate a serene confidence and quiet joy that surmounts all the tragedies of their time. They are under God’s care and they know it. They have entrusted themselves to Christ’s control and found contentment.”


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