10 Essential Characteristics of an Effective International Church Planter: #2 Calling

Curt and I have already blogged about “Calling” in previous posts, so I will keep this one brief.

A Christian is someone who believes in, trusts, and obeys Jesus as Lord and Savior.  And what was one of the commands that Jesus gave his disciples? Follow Me.  This command is repeated 23 times in the Gospels.  So it should come as no surprise that our calling as Christians is to Follow Jesus..where ever He leads.

But all too often, potential church planters tell us of their supposed calling to a particular people group or a particular place in the world.  This is an important distinction to make.  If we serve because we are “called” to a particular people or place, rather than serving the Lord who called us to Follow Him, then our calling is misguided. Our service to a particular people or place is a response to our desire and “calling” to serve Christ first and foremost.

For those who are called to take the Gospel to unreached people groups in an overseas context, we ask three questions of them:

a. Can they communicate a compelling personal calling? Do others recognize their call?

b. Are they ready to work hard to see this calling fulfilled?

c. For couples – does their spouse share their call? Do their children support their call?

While following Jesus may indeed take you to a specific place or people, which may or may not be limited to the United States, calling is not defined by geography. When we willingly surrender our lives to Christ, we do so without condition.

Lord, I will follow you where ever you send me and do whatever you tell me to do, regardless of what that means. That is our calling.

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