From Southeast Asia to Ft. Wayne, IN

I like to say I got my start in radio in Southeast Asia. 🙂 One of the things that my family and I had fun with during our time overseas was appearing on live call-in radio shows that encouraged locals in their English language learning. We would speak about a certain topic, and then locals could call in with questions and comments to give them a chance to  practice their sometimes verrry newly acquired English skills with native speakers. Some of the topics we were asked to speak on included culture shock, cheating in school, dating and romance, differences between America and SE Asia, among others. Always the kidder, my handsome Curt likes to say he has “a great face for radio.”

Over the last several months, I have enjoyed doing live radio interviews again. This time though, I am in the States and telling my family’s story as I promote “Sent.” The first time I did one on this side of the world though was a little more intimidating than it was in SE Asia. To prepare myself, I prayed, and then imagined that I was talking to my good friend who hosted the radio program we appeared on back in Asia. 🙂 No worries 🙂

This morning I had the privilege and pleasure of speaking with Lynne Ford of WBCL in Ft. Wayne, IN. Through this process, I have learned that there are good interviewers, and then there are great interviewers like Lynne. She prayed for me before we went on the air and then drove a very fun conversation, even though she almost made me cry twice.

Here’s a link to the program from this morning…

Thank you so much for having me on the show Lynne!!


One thought on “From Southeast Asia to Ft. Wayne, IN

  1. “..when we were reading the Word, we were using the warm, fuzzy parts to encourage ourselves but we weren’t reading it with great intentionality..” That comment was convicting to me. Thanks Hilary, loved the interview!

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